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DFS Services Bhopal

Need Home Security System India for Home and Office, Contact DFS Services.

Buy High Quality Home Security Intruder Alarm System or Burglar Alarm System, Video Doorbell and Security Cameras (IP Camera). Dfs Services is the best company for Home Security Systems in India.

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home security system Chennai

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Q What is the free telephonic assessment service and how to avail it?

You can get in touch with customer services to avail our free telephonic assessment service. As part of this service, our experts will ask a series of questions to determine your security requirements and help you build the most suitable security solution at an affordable price.

Q I want to buy the security grid for my factory, does DFS also provide installation service?

DFS provides the installation service; however, it is chargeable, and charges vary based on the location and actual travel expenses. Alternatively, we can guide you step by step during installation, you don’t have to worry about any settings or configuration and the system comes fully configured and monitoring ready. Please get in touch with customer services for further details.

Q What is CMS?

Central Monitoring Station or CMS refers to the DFS command center. CMS can connect and monitor any compatible alarm system across the globe; The AI software of the CMS processes a heavy influx of signals. On average, CMS receives nearly 3500 signals in 24 hours from a typical home!

Q What is a heartbeat signal and why is it important?

A heartbeat signal is a continuous signal which connects the alarm system with the CMS. At DFS, we typically use one heartbeat every 30 seconds. Heartbeat signals never stop and any delay in heartbeat implies immediate attention!

Q Why is DFS security solution better than SMS/GSM based self-monitored alarm systems?

There are just too many reasons why a self-monitored system is considered much inferior and should not be compared with the monitored solution. We will cover a couple of the reasons here: What happens if you’re in a business meeting and your phone is at your desk on silent? Do you travel for work? If you’re on an airplane you obviously won’t have access to your security system? Do you go for runs or exercise, Is your phone with you during your entire workout? Point is - your phone probably isn’t attached to your hip 24/7. That’s why having a professional at a central monitoring station looking out for your safety is important. They can watch over your family and home when you’re unable to. More importantly, the real difference is in the underlying technology. The self-monitoring system typically depends on the GSM sim card or WIFI/router connection and is not built to provide continuous connectivity. They do not use proprietary protocols and backup methods. For example, an emergency text message may take hours during peak traffic (such as New year or Christmas eve)! On the other hand, the security grid is designed to be connected continuously and is 24X7 monitored.

Q What will happen during power cuts, will the security grid still work?

Power cuts are common in India and the system is designed to handle such situations. While we recommend a continuous power supply, our control hubs have inbuilt rechargeable batteries for the backup.

Q I don't have an internet connection; can I still use the security grid monitoring?

All our packages come with an inbuilt M2M sim card with necessary subscription plans, our monitoring is not dependent on the WIFI or internet connection or phone line at your home.

Q What is tamper?

Tamper is a miniature button on the device board. It is released when the lid is opened as well as a result of an attempt to unfasten and/or lift the device from the surface, which initiates an event. When the tamper is released, the Hub sends push notifications and SMS messages (if this type of notification is enabled) to all users of the security system and also communicates the event to the central monitoring station of the security company.

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